Cambodian New Year Celebration

Over the weekend, Jeremiah & I went to Stockton to check out the Cambodian New Year Celebration that was being held at the Wat Dhammararam Buddhist Temple. I’m writing an assignment for one of my classes which requires some first-hand experience & I chose the event in Stockton because I felt that it related to most of what I’ve been learning about.

Because I am not Cambodian or Cambodian American, to further understand the statues & their meanings, I used this guide that was provided by the website where I found the event.

The Cambodian New Year Celebration/Festival was great. The temple had beautiful statues, there were a ton of different vendors that sold Cambodian & non-Cambodian food, vendors that sold Cambodian & Cambodian-American goods/apparel, there was a huge stage for traditional Khmer folk dancing & Khmer ballet, vendors providing information to help assist Cambodians & Cambodian Americans, etc.

It’s completely different to experience another culture through first-hand experience vs. learning about it from my readings. I definitely think that to gain a better insight about another culture, you must delve deeper into it through experience & speaking with those that embrace that specific culture. From my experience at the Celebration, I learned how proud they are of their culture by embracing it through these organized events, the performances, & the resources they are trying to provide to help assist Cambodians & Cambodian Americans that lack support.

If you’ve never been to an organized event or celebration about your culture or another’s, I highly suggest it. It’s a great learning experience. You could learn something about your culture that you never knew about & you can also learn more about another’s. I too think that learning about another’s culture will provide you more knowledge about similarities or differences with yours & will further help you understand others.

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