FB Detox

I haven’t been on Facebook in a little over a week & honestly, it felt extremely great. I feel like too many things go on Facebook & it almost feels suffocating. But I went back on today since I got through this school week’s assignments & it was so bad I had to unfriend a family member. Yes, I really did. I just couldn’t take it anymore with the conservative political views.

If you feel like you receive a ton of negative energy coming from Facebook or that your mood is deeply affected by things that your family & friends post, honestly, just try removing the Facebook app or stay away from it for a week & see how you feel. Has your mood changed? Do you feel more positive about yourself or about life? Do you feel like your energy is being focused towards something that makes you happy or passionate about?
I understand that it’s important if you want to be informed, especially with everything going on right with the U.S. Government & how some policy could affect you or someone you care about. & what easier way to be informed than going through your news feed? Also, you like to keep up with the things happening in the lives of the people you care about. All completely understandable.
There are studies that a Facebook detox helps increase positivity. You can Google search: quit facebook happiness. Or input any other keywords relating to that for more information. I’m definitely not an expert, so I’m only speaking from personal experience here. I think there should be a good balance with the amount of time you spend on Facebook. It’s okay to scroll through, but don’t devote or waste too much of your time or energy on it. I definitely felt better after not being on it for over a week.

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