Bacon & Beer Classic

Bacon & Beer Classic

Last weekend my friends & I attended the Bacon & Beer Classic Festival. Some of them had already experienced it the year before, but it was a first for me & Jeremiah.

Bacon & Beer Classic Tips:

  • What Time Should I Get There?: Arrive 30 minutes early to avoid waiting in a long line. Jeremiah & I arrived 30 minutes early & the line quickly started to form right after we got there.
  • Is Parking Free?: Yes, parking is free.
  • Attire: It’s completely casual, but because the Bay Area has been experiencing a ton of rain + cold weather conditions, dress up in clothing that will keep yourself warm. Jeremiah & I wish we had brought gloves because we were freezing.
  • Is Everything Free?: Majority of the food vendors are free & very few were selling food like popcorn or anything packaged for a cost. As for the beer, it’s all completely free! *NOTE: At the entrance into the event you are also given a free red cup glass to try all the samples of beer.
  • Which Food Vendors Should I Try?: Try anything & everything since majority of it is free. You pretty much pay to try everything with the cost of your ticket. My personal recommendation is the calzones. All of us kept going back for the calzones because it was so good & it was the vendor that consistently had longest lines.
  • What Else Is There To Do?: Besides trying different kind of beer & sampling food, there are several activities. There’s a bacon eating contest, archery, basketball, etc.

Jeremiah & I are down to go back again next year. Hopefully it won’t be freezing!

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