San Francisco Giants Fan Fest

Jeremiah & I finally had the pleasure of attending the San Francisco Giants Fan Fest as an early Valentine’s Day celebration. We’ve been trying to go for years, but we always had to miss it because we either had work, previous obligations, or we were out of town.

We planned on arriving 2 hours early, but we both woke up late, so we only ended up being 40 minutes early. I think that’s close enough.

We were both unprepared & didn’t know what to expect because we’ve never attended one before. We took photos (because we couldn’t believe we got to stand on the field!!!!), checked out the vendors, & made our way up to the other floors of the park to get our baseballs signed.

The line we stood in to get our baseballs signed took forever, but I say it’s still worth it. The only con is that none of the workers or the SF Giants official social media platforms will tell you what station each player is signing at. It’s a risk to stand in line at one station vs. another station because you never know which player will be where.

After we finally got our baseballs signed, we headed back on the field to check out the Beer Garden before finally heading out.

SF Giants Fan Fest Tips:

  • Arrive Early – Don’t do what we did & arrive 40 minutes before they opened. The time it takes finding parking, walking, & slowly moving with the line to get in is something you need to consider.
  • What Should I Bring? – If you plan on getting something signed, any SFG merch will do! I was thinking about getting my jersey signed, but Jeremiah & I both brought baseballs instead. Some players will walk around to whichever station or event they’re needed at next, so bring a Sharpie just in case. If you plan on staying & hanging out with your friends or kids on the field, bring a blanket to lay on. Bring a ball & glove if you want to play catch on the field with your friend or child.
  • Vendors – Some of the vendors will hand out free things if you get there early enough. Peet’s coffee was handing out cold brew cartons, CSN was handing out “Authentic Fan” posters (with the game dates on the back), etc.
  • What Should I Wear? – If it’s sunny, bring a hat & sunglasses. I made the mistake of not bringing them. It’s been raining in the Bay Area the past few days, so I wasn’t expecting it to be too sunny.
  • Station Signing – When we went, there were only 3 stations where players were signing. One was a ‘kids signing only’. It’s better to be one of the first in line to get something signed so that you can spend the rest of the day checking out the other activities on the field. All of the signing is completely random. The players will switch out every 50 minutes. Also note, they can only sign ONE ITEM PER PERSON.
  • Kids Signing Only – If you have a child(ren), you’re in luck! There’s a station where players will sign, but it was for kids only. Buster Posey was at this station & I really wanted him to sign my baseball.
  • Q&A Stage – If you’re at the front of the stage where the players are doing a Q&A, you might be in luck because sometimes the players will walk to the front of the crowd & sign items. I think both of the Brandons did this.
  • Selfie Station – There is one activity in the park where the players can’t sign things, but they will take selfies with you. It’s called the ‘Selfie Station’ located at the cafe. I saw Hunter Pence hanging out here throughout the event.
  • Follow SF Giants On Social Media – Follow the official SF Giants MLB accounts to get frequent updates (Twitter, Snapchat, & Instagram). I checked all of their accounts & refreshed the event’s hashtags to see where each athlete I wanted to see was at. Hunter Pence was also using the Snapchat Spectacles which gave you a better idea of where he was.
  • Are The Food Vendors Open? – Only select food vendors were open.
Have you ever been to the San Francisco Giants Fan Fest before? Any tips I should add? Leave a comment below!

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