Girls Tahoe Trip

On the Way to Sierra at Tahoe:

I’m so glad this trip happened! My friends & I have been trying to plan a trip for the longest time, but it never seemed to happen because of all our conflicting schedules.
We all met up & rented a car to avoid driving separately. If you’re trying to avoid driving for a long period of time, renting a car with a group of friends would probably be best since you can take turns driving. Plus, it’s cheaper when everyone chips in for the car+gas.

Once we got the car, we finally made our way to Lake Tahoe!

Sierra At Tahoe:

Once we arrived at Sierra, both parking lots were full, so everyone was turning around to park on the side. We were trying our best to avoid walking too far & luckily we found parking right in the front!

Jeremiah & I ran into some complications with our snowboard & bindings. We definitely should’ve not put our bindings on until the last minute. Since we’re new at this, we didn’t know that bindings weren’t universal. Apparently, Burton has different bindings/plates that are specific to their brand. The worker at the repair shop tried installing our bindings anyway, but it still wouldn’t fit.


  • Before investing in a snowboard & bindings, make sure they’re compatible if you’re buying them separately
  • Save a little bit of extra money in case you run into complications & have to rent
Since Jeremiah & I couldn’t use our snowboards, we both decided to rent since it was our only option. We were bummed about it because we were really excited to try our own boards out.
Once we finally got everything together, my friends & I headed to the lift. My least favorite part about snowboarding is the lift. I get so much anxiety because there weren’t any bars to hold us in. I always feel like I’m going to fall off.
Once we reached the top, we all prepared to get off & I was successful! My friend Vanessa & I didn’t fall, but Jeremiah & AJ did. LOL.

Since some people in our group have never been snowboarding, we all did an easy slope. I wish it wasn’t so sunny and hot all day. We all packed on extra layers just in case, but sometime during the slope I had to take off one of my layers to cool down.

Jeremiah & I are both getting better. He’s doing a lot better than I am. I’m falling A LOT less than I was my first time, but I’m still trying to figure out how to completely control the board.

My friend Vanessa fell pretty hard on her shoulder, so she had to stop snowboarding with us. I felt so bad, but she said that she’s glad to have still experienced something like this. She can snowboard & balance fine, but she doesn’t know how to brake. The only way she could stop is if she fell, but she took a really bad fall on her shoulder.

Sheena & I met up with Vanessa while we waited for everyone else to come back.

Once everyone came back, we all quickly took a group photo before we returned our rentals & had lunch.

The Cabin:

We all rented an Airbnb for the weekend. If you’re going with a big group, renting an Airbnb is great option because it’s cheaper and more comfortable than splitting a hotel room.
We spent the evening watching the Warriors game, playing board games, catching up on feeds, etc. One of the rooms in the cabin was EXTREMELY creepy. It looked & felt like a horror movie. The room had an extra roof or layer that we all didn’t notice at first until AJ & Vanessa pointed it out. Once we saw it, we all ran out of the room & decided that no one was going to sleep in there. LOL. The guys also cooked dinner (haha thanks!).

Snow Park:

The next day (Sunday), we all ate breakfast (thanks for cooking Sheena & Joy), cleaned up, & packed our things.
We all headed to a snow park because we had time to kill before heading back to the Bay Area. Jeremiah bought a sled at one of the shop nearby & some of us went sledding surrounded by all the other kids.
We all took photos, videos, & even had a snowball fight.

Thank you for the amazing trip! I cherish all these memories that we make together💕 Tahoe again in the summer or LA trip? 😅

I have a mini video from the trip that will be posted soon. Stay tuned!

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