Yosemite National Park

My brother, Jeremiah, & I went to Yosemite National Park a couple of weeks ago in hopes that it would be covered in snow. There wasn’t that much snow, but we still tried to make the most of our trip.


Since this was a quick trip for the three of us, we didn’t put as much thought into our plans. I decided to make a list of tips that I plan to use for the future. If you plan on visiting, this list could help you too.

Where To Stay?

  • Inside Yosemite – There are a few choices if you wish to stay the night inside of the park. If convenience is what you’re looking for, you can book a lodge or cabin at these locations. Also, there are camping sites available for the truly adventurous.
  • Outside Yosemite – If you’re willing to drive a little bit outside of the park, there are a good amount of hotels & lodges surrounding Yosemite. Most of them offer free wi-fi & surrounding food venues.
  • Airbnb Outside Yosemite – I personally feel this is the best option if you’re going with a larger group. Splitting the cost of Airbnb for the night is cheapest way to go, & you can also save money on food by cooking your own food. Like hotels, most Airbnb’s will offer free wi-fi too.

What To Pack?

  • Shoes – I cannot stress this enough, please bring a good pair of hiking shoes/boots. No matter what time of year you’re going, you’ll need comfortable shoes on your feet to do the best hikes/trails.
  • Water/Snacks – Staying hydrated is super important. I recommend bringing a good amount of water on your trip. A hydroflask or similar type of water bottle will keep your water at the perfect drinking temperature! Also, keep your energy up by bringing granola bars or sandwiches. Adventures do get strenuous, so please make sure to stay hydrated & fed.
  • Backpack – You’re going to want a backpack when visiting Yosemite. It should be big enough to carry your essentials (water bottle, snacks, travel first aid kit, camera, etc.), but not so bulky that it will hinder your movement. Pack as light as you can, while still bringing the necessities.

What To Expect?

  • Cellphone Service – There were some areas of the park where my phone was able to pick up signal, but you’re better off just expecting no service at all. Besides, it’s more fun to just focus on enjoying the park!
  • Traffic & Crowds – If you go on a holiday weekend, you can expect a bit of traffic. If you want to avoid that, there is a shuttle service that brings you to various parts of the park. The easier trails & most popular views will also have bigger crowds, so be prepared for that.
  • Parking – Parking inside of the park is limited, so the shuttle service is also a big help when it comes to this. 

Places To Go?

  • Tunnel View – This is one of the biggest tourist attractions in Yosemite, so get here early if you want to catch the sunset. Also, to get a better shot, try looking for a spot higher up from the parking area.
  • Bridalveil Falls – This trail is a breeze. It’s an easy walk to the falls, but it does get crowded at times. The view of the water is spectacular though.

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