Christmas Eve

Jeremiah & I spent Christmas Eve with his family. Over the past couple of years, we always had to travel 2 hours away because he has family in different areas of California, but we stayed local this year. We had Korean BBQ with his cousins for lunch, had Christmas service with LOJ, & spent the remainder of the day with his family.
Jeremiah & I also used our Instax Wide. If you have one, do you use the “flash” or “light” option when you’re taking indoor/night photos? Jeremiah & I are having trouble trying to figure out which option to use when taking photos during the evening.
*additional family photos available on my personal Facebook account*

While I spent time editing photos & preparing posts for this blog, Jeremiah finally cleaned his car out! I’m so proud of him😅 If you know me well, you know how OCD I am about organization & cleanliness. After many years of wishing, we finally got an over-the-toilet storage/shelf! You have no idea how excited I am about it. We’re going to assemble it in a bit.

If you have any questions or suggestions on something I should post or talk about, let me know! I really want to engage more with my readers/followers on here or on Instagram. E-mail me if you have any questions or if you’re shy, you can ask me things anonymously on ! Do you have any questions about photography? Blogging? Fashion posts? TV shows? Movies? Hobbies? Interests? Ask me anything if you want to get to know me more or have a suggestion on what I should post about!

the only subjects that I won’t be comfortable answering: job related, personal family/friends information, or education related. I try to keep those extremely private due to stalkers, catfish, etc.

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