Christmas in the Park

We finally found the time to go to Christmas in the Park. We felt like there were way more Christmas trees this year. There were quite a bunch that looked nicely decorated.
Oh, & tell me why the kettle popcorn was so far away this year?! It’s in front of Johnny Rockets instead of next to the other food vendors.

We also didn’t go ice skating. I feel like we both want to try it, but we always change our minds right when we’re there.

Christmas in the Park is a family-friendly event & a tradition that Jeremiah & I try to keep up with every year. It’s a non-profit organization that is supported through fundraising efforts & the event is free to the public. They have trees decorated by schools, businesses, & community groups. They also have a variety of food, stage entertainment, a train to ride on, carnival games, rides, an ice skating rink, & a photo op with Santa.

Christmas in the Park Tips:
  • Avoid driving through Christmas in the Park. There’s way too many people walking across the streets. We learned from the past 2 years that it’s better to just drive around to a parking garage & walk from there.
  • Going there for the snowman hot chocolate? There’s another stand next to the ice skating rink that is less crowded! Thank me later 😅
  • Want kettle popcorn? The vendor is in front of Johnny Rockets this year.
  • Want that perfect photo, but too afraid/shy to ask anyone or don’t like the way others take your photo? Just bring the selfie stick, monopod, mobile tripod, GoPro stick. Don’t feel embarrassed. It’s okay. Everyone’s doing it.
  •  If you do plan on sticking around to check out the displays & trees, wear comfortable clothes+bundle up! It does get cold at night.
  • Bring cash because some vendors are cash-only.
  • Bring wet wipes or hand sanitizer (I always carry wet wipes in my purse lol) because carrying around the hot chocolate or other food items can lead to a messy situation.
  • It’s a family-friendly event. There’s no way to avoid the strollers. It’s like Tomorrowland at Disneyland. You’re just going to have to muddle through somehow😉

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