The Last of 23, Part II

I know this post is long overdue, but better late than never!
I also have an Instagram photography account that I kept secret for various reasons, but now that I am more confident & comfortable with myself, I felt that it’s time to finally share that part of myself with you. Thank you to anyone that has genuinely & fully supported me & enjoy my work.
Feel free to follow or check out my photography account, here.
This is how I spent my last day being 23!
I barely got any sleep at all because I spent the night uploading/editing photos & I hungout with my mom for a bit.
Jeremiah & I woke up early to explore. We went to a reserve to check out tidepools, but the park rangers blocked off the area so that visitors couldn’t bother or get too near to the seals that were laid out on the beach.
After the Reserve, we went to Auntie April’s Chicken & Waffles to eat. I’m glad we grabbed breakfast & coffee before heading onto our next plan.
We went to Golden Gate Park & once we arrived, we were redirected to a designated parking area. The park was having a “Car Free” day so that people couldn’t park inside & residents can walk, run, jog, exercise, or bike within the park which was nice. We roamed around Golden Gate Park & it came as a surprise to us how many things were going on at once. Not only was there a “Car Free” day, but there ended up being an Ancient Indian Festival going on & swing dancing! I like how there’s always some activity going on in SF.
Enjoy the photos!

If you have any questions or suggestions on something I should post or talk about, let me know! I really want to engage more with my readers/followers on here or on Instagram. E-mail me if you have any questions or if you’re shy, you can ask me things anonymously on ! Do you have any questions about photography? Blogging? Fashion posts? TV shows? Movies? Hobbies? Interests? Ask me anything if you want to get to know me more or have a suggestion on what I should post or create content about!

the only subjects that I won’t be comfortable answering: job related, personal family/friends information, or education related. I try to keep those extremely private due to stalkers, catfish, etc.

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