The Ultimate Holiday Gift Guide 2016

The holiday season is definitely kicking in & you know what that means, right? It’s that time of the year when everyone tries to get their holiday shopping done before Christmas!

I decided to make an Ultimate Holiday Gift Guide for anyone that’s having trouble trying to find a gift whether it’s personal, for Secret Santa, or for White Elephant. I got my ideas from family members, friends, did research, & even included my own ideas to put these gift guides together. Thank you to those that provided input in order for me to put these gift guides together.
I hope that in some way these gift guides help you this holiday season!

(all direct sources to images available on my polyvore account)

1. candle /// 2. scarf /// 3. jewelry holder /// 4. beanie /// 5. cute, fuzzy socks /// 6. jewelry (set of earrings, rings, or necklace) /// 7. lipstick set /// 8. nail polish /// 9. makeup bag
1. bottle opener /// 2. flask /// 3. Stance, Nike Elite, or fuzzy socks /// 4. touch screen/smartphone gloves /// 5. laptop sleeve /// 6. USB stick /// 7. detachable phone lens /// 8. cleanser+antiperspirant deodorant /// 9. Jason Markk shoe cleaner
1. portable phone charger /// 2. book /// 3. phone case /// 4. travel or home mug /// 5. chocolate /// 6. comfortable home slippers /// 7. card/board games /// 8. portable bluetooth speakers /// 9. hot chocolate kit
*This is a general gift guide for kids, so please keep in mind that certain products pertain to different age groups*

1. play-doh /// 2. bubble machine /// 3. gloves /// 4. glow-in-the-dark stars /// 5. ultimate crayon set /// 6. giant coloring book /// 7. holiday socks /// 8. legos /// 9. doll/set of toy cars
These gift guides were originally targeted as “For Him” & “For Her”, but I didn’t realize until after I did the Kid’s Gift Guide that I wanted to help break society’s barrier that only certain items are targeted for females or males. After I did the Kid’s Gift Guide, I remembered something that I realized last year when I was out shopping for my Operation Christmas Child. I was going through the legos aisle & realized that the lego sets weren’t targeted towards a specific gender. I think that’s really important to keep in mind. I don’t have kids, but when that time comes, I think it’s important for my future children to learn that you can like whatever you want & that you don’t have to follow society’s standards that are placed on you. I want my future children to be able to like what they want & that what they like isn’t “just for boys” or “just for girls”. I want my future children to be confident & comfortable with themselves. & I just wanted to make note of that—that the general idea is that any of these gifts could be for any gender.

If you have any questions or suggestions on something I should post or talk about, let me know! I really want to engage more with my readers/followers on here or on Instagram. E-mail me if you have any questions or if you’re shy, you can ask me things anonymously on ! Do you have any questions about photography? Blogging? Fashion posts? TV shows? Movies? Hobbies? Interests? Ask me anything if you want to get to know me more or have a suggestion on what I should post about!

the only subjects that I won’t be comfortable answering: job related, personal family/friends information, or education related. I try to keep those extremely private due to stalkers, catfish, etc.

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