Fujifilm Disposable Camera

Over the weekend, I was finally able to get my film developed! This roll of film was from a disposable camera that came with a bag from my cousin’s wedding in September.

Does anyone else besides me love disposable cameras? Maybe it’s that whole nostalgic feeling I get when I have one. It makes me feel like I’m in elementary school again & I’m going on a school field trip or there’s some school event going on & my mom bought it for me to take photos with. It’s so easy to take photos now with smartphones & even smartphones having the capability/apps to make your photos look like film or professional. I definitely like changing it up & using film to challenge myself with the limited amount of photos I can take with one roll.
Have you guys also noticed that I put a halt to my “One Film Roll a Month Project“? I haven’t been able to pick up any of my film cameras since August due to financial reasons. I do have posts in my drafts of film I got developed over the summer. I’ll definitely get around to posting it when the time is right. Stay tuned for that!

I love that 90s disposable camera vibe♥

Camera: Fujifilm QuickSnap Disposable Camera

Film Type: n/a

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