Chance the Rapper’s Magnificent Coloring World Tour @ Bill Graham Civic Auditorium

Jeremiah & I attended Chance the Rapper’s “Magnificent Coloring World Tour” at the Bill Graham Civic Auditorium. We took the Bart there just to avoid traffic/parking, which we did pat ourselves on the back for after the show was over. We lined up early because it was first come, first serve. The line started to look bad around 4 PM – 5 PM.
Chance is a great performer & I loved his energy.
I feel like I’ve mentioned it on here before, but let me tell the story again. When I first heard about Chance the Rapper, I was sitting shotgun in Jeremiah’s old car. This was around the time when we first started going out, which was a couple of years ago. It must’ve been Chance’s “Prom Night” from his mixtape 10 Day that just released the day before when I asked Jeremiah who the artist was. He says, “Oh, it’s this guy named Chance the Rapper. His mixtape just dropped yesterday on 2dope. I heard he’s coming up. He’s pretty good.” & all I said was, “Why is his name so long? But yeah, he’s pretty good.” I’ve had 10 Day & Acid Rap ever since they dropped, but I have to admit, & even Jeremiah knows this, I wasn’t exactly sold on him even after Acid Rap. & then Coloring Book dropped & I was completely blown away over how amazing it was & how far Chance has come. I’m a real big believer in good vibes & having something come into your life at the time that it’s meant to. One of the things that really made me connect with Jeremiah before we were together was the common interest in music. Every now & then, if we’re in the middle of listening to a song in the car, we’ll sit there together in park until the song is finished. It’s one of those random or weird things we do as a couple. lol. We’ve always been able to vibe on a musical level. I really enjoy the fact that we love most of the same music.
On that note, I was really looking forward to seeing Chance. It kind of feels like you grow up with an artist in a way that you’ve seen them in the beginning to get their name out there & now you’re seeing them on that come up. & I was really looking forward to seeing one of my favorite artists with the person who first introduced me to his music.
& overall, it wasn’t a good experience. Don’t get me wrong, Chance was amazing. He kept his energy up the entire time. It was the venue & the vibe of the people that ruined what could’ve been a great experience. If you haven’t been waiting in line for hours, what makes you think you’re allowed to push others out? If you’re not front row, sorry, but not sorry. Jeremiah & I were in the front & it may seem like the coolest thing ever to be close to your favorite artist, but only in theory. Being in the front comes with a price. When you’re in the front, not a big person or a tall person, then don’t even bother. Jeremiah & I were in the front & everyone in the back of us kept pushing. I don’t even understand why because pushing isn’t going to get you anywhere like????

& if you’ve seen me in person, you know how petite I am. Not only were we getting pushed, some girl had the nerve to USE MY SHOULDER AS AN ARM REST so she could take pictures & videos. Everyone was pushing, hot & sweaty people rubbing up against you, pretty much just moving with the crowd, etc. it just wasn’t a great experience as I hoped it would be. Chance didn’t even start yet & Jeremiah & I were so close to just leaving the front to watch from the seats. I think another big factor was the age gap. We were surrounded by people who were 4-5 years younger than us. It made me question whether we’re getting too old for concerts or maybe it was just the age group. Like, y’all don’t know how to act. When Jeremiah & I were front row at Outside Lands, which is a much bigger show, we were pushed from the back, but it was never as close to how horrible last night was. & even when we were being pushed at Outside Lands, the security stepped in & warned people to stop pushing or they’re getting kicked out. You would think that security should step in considering the combination of hot & sweaty people with frustration from all the pushing that could eventually lead to a fight. The security at Bill Graham didn’t say a thing when a ton of people in the front were clearly frustrated by the people in the back that kept pushing all of us forward into the gate that is leading no where.
Jeremiah said that if he knew Chance was also performing at the Greek Theatre in Berkeley, he would’ve just bought those tickets, but Chance didn’t add that date until after we bought tickets for Bill Graham. We saw John Legend at the Greek Theatre once & it was amazing. At the Greek Theatre, the sound is better & even when you’re in the seats, it’s still close enough for you to see & get a great photo or feel close/intimate with the artist.

The only artists I see myself putting up with what I experienced last night is Ye, Bey, Kendrick, Chance, & Drake. I overall will never, ever do Bill Graham ever again. Jeremiah & I are currently sore from all the pushing & shoving from last night.

shoot your shot

front row to see Kanye’s best prodigy

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