Throwback Post: San Diego

On Sunday, my brother asked me to give him a list of places to check out & spots to eat at in Los Angeles & San Diego since he’s heading there this weekend, so I gave him plenty of suggestions.
A couple of the places that I suggested reminded me of the great time I spent in San Diego, so here’s a throwback post to one of my most memorable birthday’s ever(:
In August 2014, Jeremiah took me to San Diego for my birthday & I had so much fun that I bug him every now & then about how much I want to go back.

Phil’s BBQ! Literally the best BBQ I’ve ever had next to the way my brother makes his. haha. I wish they had this here at home ):

After Phil’s BBQ, Jeremiah & I went to La Jolla Beach & went kayaking, which was the only bad experience I had while I was out there! I’m super sensitive when it comes to motion sickness, which is why I don’t ride crazy roller coasters & why I always have to take dramamine before I board an airplane. I’ve never been kayaking before, so it was my first time & probably my last! lol. I felt super nauseous ): If I took dramamine before the activity, maybe I wouldn’t feel nauseous? I do kind of want to try it again, but I’m not exactly pushing it at the top of my list. haha.

We stayed at the Lafayette Hotel, which is one of the cutest & nicest hotels I’ve ever stayed at. The hotel had some activities/events going on throughout the day, but we didn’t participate in any of them because we spent time exploring SD.

He took me to Morton’s Steakhouse for dinner. I’m glad we both enjoy the same food because our meals were delicious :p

The second day of our trip, we grabbed Trinitea & headed to the San Diego Zoo!

We did the 45 min. tour bus. I didn’t get the chance to take pictures while we were on the tour bus because we couldn’t really see any of the animals up close. It’s more of an overview of the zoo.
After getting off the tour bus, Jeremiah & I spent our time walking around the entire zoo. It was sooo hot! I made mistakes by not bringing a hat/sunhat, didn’t have sunscreen, & didn’t wear comfortable shoes. I wore sandals & I thought I would be okay walking around in it, but it was tough. If you ever plan on going here & walking around the entire zoo, just wear comfortable sneakers. Overall, the zoo was still sooo much fun.

you think he has broads in Atlanta?

After the zoo, Jeremiah said we were also going to the San Diego National History Museum. He said they have exhibits about dinosaurs. I was sooo excited & so happy! Before this trip, I would constantly tell him about how much I wanted to go to a museum with dinosaur exhibits, but there aren’t any in our area. He said the best ones are the ones in New York & Washington D.C., so this was the closest thing to that. You really have no idea how happy & excited I was about it ^_^

There were four floors of the museum & we went through all of them. The second & third floor were the best ones. I loved seeing all the dinosaur stuff! UGH. I can only imagine how much cooler the museums are in Washington D.C. & New York.

After going through the San Diego Natural History Museum, we did MORE walking around Balboa Park. & GEEEZ, that park is huge! I honestly didn’t think the park had so many beautiful spots. It really, truly is as remarkable as people make it out to be. I also didn’t know that within the park, there are small museums in there too. This park is definitely a nice spot for an engagement or wedding photo shoot. It’s so beautiful there.

After Balboa Park, we hit up Fashion Valley since we had time. We ate at California Pizza Kitchen because we were starving. After CPK, we walked around Fashion Valley.

We spent our last day in San Diego doing as much as we could!
We ate breakfast at the hotel before checking out.

After breakfast & checking out, we went to Fashion Valley to grab Better Buzz Coffee.

After grabbing coffee, we made our way out to La Jolla Cove. Parking is crazy over there! We had to park in the neighborhood. We made our first stop at the Children’s Play Pool & walked down to the beach.

It is soooooooo beautiful there at La Jolla Cove. Even saying it’s beautiful is a huge understatement. The pictures seriously don’t do it justice. I wanted to stay there, but Jeremiah said Mission Beach was cool too & they have bars on the beach, so we left La Jolla after a while. I wish we hadn’t! I wanted to stay longer );

After La Jolla Cove, we went to Boba Bar & headed to Mission Beach.

Parking at Mission Beach was so awful & the beach was super packed. We felt like there wasn’t enough free space to lay our blankets down. We also went when the weather was scorching hot. I’ve only been there once, so I’m unsure if it’s just normally packed like that.

We ate at this bar/restaurant on the beach called South Draft Mission.

We definitely want to make another trip out there. We’ve been talking about it for over a year now & I thought we’d be able to go again this summer, but we couldn’t make it happen. 

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