Japanese Peace Lantern Ceremony

Last night, Jeremiah & I went to the Japanese Peace Lantern Ceremony in Berkeley. It was a last minute plan because he saw it on Facebook & asked if I wanted to go. I’ve never heard of it or been to a lantern ceremony, so it was cool experience.

The hosts of the event supplied everything. They gave us blank papers, each table had a box of markers or crayons, & a dropbox for our lantern when we were finished.
We’re not good at drawing! I’m sure my niece would’ve had the coolest lantern because she’s awesome at drawing. I have a picture she drew for me up in my room ^_^

We grabbed Homeroom before heading over to the park, so we munched on it before the ceremony began.
It was super cold! We had a blanket & a chair, but we should’ve bundled up -_- There were a ton of people there. I didn’t think it was a big thing here, but I guess it is!

We grabbed milk tea in Berkeley at this place called Asha Tea House.

I forgot to mention that we watched Suicide Squad Thursday night. Overall, I thought that the performances by the actors/actresses were awesome, but the plot was just messy.
Before I watched the movie, I heard about the critics reviews being really bad, but after watching it I understood why. If you’re an average movie-goer, I suppose it’s a cool action movie to watch. If you’re a film buff, you can definitely see why the critics were harsh. Jeremiah & I watch movies all the time & it’s not always the Blockbuster hits. Jeremiah took a film class, followers certain writers, & taught me a couple things about films since he’s knowledgeable about them. & we both agreed why the film received so many bad reviews. The plot was just messy & you can tell where they chopped up a scene because it looked like certain parts were missing in between & the transition from one scene to another just wasn’t smooth AT ALL. I came in with low exceptions & it still wasn’t that great :/
The only thing that made the film awesome was Margot Robbie’s portrayal of Harley Quinn. She executed Harley Quinn’s character 100%. It felt so believable. I also love Margot Robbie. I loved her before Suicide Squad, Focus, & Wolf of Wall Street because she used to be on this tv show I used to watch called Pan Am, which got canceled after its first season. It was actually a really interesting show & I’m still bummed that it got canceled.
Overall, I feel let down with the DC films. Don’t get me wrong. I really like Man of Steel, but I wasn’t blown away by it & same with Batman vs. Superman. I don’t see myself sitting down to watch them over & over again the way I do with Marvel movies. & I KNOW what you’re thinking. You probably think I’m favoring Marvel over DC. It’s not that. I can admit what Marvel films I wasn’t really a fan of. I didn’t really like Avengers 2 as much as I like the first one, sitting through the Thor films is a challenge, & I’m probably going to get grilled for this, but I didn’t like the first Captain America. The last two Captain America films were awesome though! & X-Men: Apocalypse wasn’t made by Marvel films, but I LOVE X-Men, Wolverine is my favorite superhero character ever, but Apocalypse was a let down.
I shouldn’t set my expectations high, but I hope DC doesn’t mess up with Wonder Woman ):
Who else watched Suicide Squad? What did you like & dislike about it?

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