Madison’s Baptism Reception

Last weekend was my niece’s Baptism & I had the pleasure of making a Minnie Mouse themed Photo Booth for the reception. The Photo Booth originally just had white polka dots, but Marc & Sarah suggested I make it with Mickey ears, so I changed it & it ended up looking way better (thumbs up)!
My family & I don’t take many pictures during family parties anymore, so doing the Photo Booth has been another cool way of making memories. The first one I did was for my sister’s Baby Shower which was fun too, but I made a few mistakes the first time which made my experience doing this second one a lot easier & better, but I’m still learning! (:

It seemed like everyone had fun with it! Thanks Rachel for giving me the opportunity to do this. It was really fun & I was receiving so many nice compliments over it (crying emoji!!!).

Here are the pictures from the Photo Booth I made for Madison’s Baptism Reception.

I re-edited these ones vs. the ones I posted on my Facebook.

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