Day 10: Vancouver, British Columbia x PDX

Jeremiah & I woke up early, grabbed coffee, & made our way up to Vancouver, British Columbia.
The last time I went to Canada was on a family vacation in 1998!
Capilano Suspension Bridge, 1998
Butchart Gardens, 1998
I could barely remember anything besides looking through old, family photos, I wanted to make memories that I can remember.
Jeremiah has never been to Canada, so we made our way to Vancouver to visit the Capilano Suspension Bridge.

It rained the entire time, so I wore a poncho & struggled trying to take photos while crossing the bridge along with a million other people. I didn’t really get any good shots at all ):
Overall, it wasn’t as terrifying as I remember. Maybe if there weren’t so many people crossing it at once, it would feel more terrifying.

We checked out the downtown area for a bit & had to make our way back to Portland. We really wanted to do more while we were out there, but our trip was ending soon. We thought I’d be able to fit Butchart Gardens in, but we couldn’t & it was raining the entire time.

& that concludes our trip! ♥  

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