Day 7: Snoqualmie Falls x Motel/Shower x Poke x Bookstore x Ice Cream x Motel/Nap/Edit Photos x Sharetea/Milky Way fail x Dinner fail

Jeremiah & I made our first stop of the day at Snoqualmie Falls. It’s definitely a tourist attraction. The view was cool, but I wanted to get closer, so we went on another trail that lead to the bottom of the waterfall, but it wasn’t as close as I thought it was going to be. The trail on the way to the bottom is still beautiful, so check that out if you want a different view.

After Snoqualmie, we checked our itinerary & we listed checking out Pioneer Square, but we were hungry & decided to do something else.

After eating poke, we headed to the Everyday Music store. They didn’t have a wide hip-hop selection like the one in Portland.

After the Everyday Music store, we walked across the street to check out the Elliott Bay Book Company store. It was a cute bookstore & I took photos of these cards because they either made me giggle or grin.

After the bookstore, we walked to Molly Moon’s ice cream shop.
Jeremiah & I spent the evening in before heading out to try & take photos of the milky way, but we stopped to grab milk tea first.
After grabbing milk tea, we headed 20 miles away from the city to take photos of the milky way since the moon is gone, but it was cloudy so we just headed back.

Since that was a fail, we went downtown to eat at this bar called “Damn The Weather”, but downtown was just crazy busy. I think it’s because it’s 4th of July weekend. We took a pass on the bar & decided to get tacos instead. We went to this one spot that had tacos & on their door was a note that said, “access through the alley”. That already sounded kind of off to me. We walked over & took a peek at the alley & said, “Nah.” So we just grabbed fast food & headed back.

Evening wasn’t that great. It’s okay. Hopefully tomorrow will be better!

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