Day 4: Toketee Falls

After breakfast, we headed out to Tokettee Falls. This place is super far from Portland, so go with someone or a group to take turns driving here!
We made a small stop on the way up because I wanted to take a few photos of the views. It was so beautiful out here. The photos don’t do this place justice at all.

We finally arrived at Toketee Falls! The “hike” wasn’t bad at all because it’s mostly paved with stairs.

You reach the end which is a lookout point of Toketee Falls.

The hard part was getting down to the falls, which wasn’t easy access or an easy adventure.

*NOTE* It is not a recommended trail

It’s tough trying to research how to get down here, so I’ll try my best to share my experience.
Once you reach the lookout point, on your right there should be a fence that looks different than the rest.

You basically climb over the fence SLOWLY & CAREFULLY. I suggest going with someone or friends to help spot you as you make your way down to something ridiculous that looks like this:

there’s a rope to help you reach your way to the falls & it’s also best to use to get back up.
I’d say it’s dangerous trying to get down here. If you don’t have a lot of upper body strength & you’re not good at balancing yourself, save yourself the trouble & don’t risk it.

Jeremiah & I luckily got through the whole trail. The view down there was beautiful & the water felt refreshing. Jeremiah jumped in too. I have a video, but I’ll post all the videos from our trip into one.
I really wish I had a floatie to swim with!

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