Alameda County Fair

On Thursday, Jeremiah & I went to the Alameda County Fair. It’s our third time going in a row. If you plan on going, it would be a cute for a date night or if you’ve already been here then going with a group of friends is great too(: We tried to go with our friends last year, but we couldn’t get our schedules together. This year, I chose to go on the day after the grand opening because I wanted to avoid crowds & lines.
We both saved our appetite for the food! Once we got there, we ate the Garlic Chicken Kabob, got a watermelon drink, & then ate elote. After grubbing on food, we checked out the game stands. There weren’t a lot of good prizes this year. We won 3 small plushies. The prizes last year & the year before were definitely a lot better. After playing a few rounds of some games, we went to eat deep fried nutella. It was soooo good. Besides the games+prizes & food, they have concerts, activities, rides for kids+adults, little shop vendors, photobooths, etc.
We might want to go back for a second round, but we’re going to be busy over the next couple of days. We’ll see!


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