Bella’s Graduation x Graduation Get Together

& another one leaves the nest!
I always feel a bit emotional when my niece or nephews hit a life milestone (license, first girlfriend/boyfriend, prom, etc.) & I think I’m just emotional over the other fact that they’re all growing up, which also means that I’m getting old (crying emoji).
My niece graduated from Santa Clara High School this past Friday & I attended the ceremony with a few other family members.
I walked back onto the very grounds of the school that used to be my comfort zone for four years. The same school that is now a past comfort zone to my niece. I can’t believe how much had changed. The quad is full of benches, grass, & trees. The senior benches were gone. All of the hallways are completely carpeted with blue lockers on each wall.

Change is always tough to take in at first, but I get used to it over time.
But I don’t think I’ll ever get used to the feeling that my niece & nephews are constantly changing/growing up. I remember being the age that they are now & having my older cousins or aunties & uncles be real hard on me because I was the youngest of my generation. I was “dressing too wild” “acting malandi” “shouldn’t have a boyfriend yet” “shouldn’t have tattoos because it’s a sin” & I would catch an attitude about it because I didn’t really see why they couldn’t accept that I was growing up, but now I see where they’re coming from. I wish my nieces & nephews could keep their youth forever (crying emoji x 10)!

Aside from all that stuff about growing up, I’m really proud of my niece & all her accomplishments! You did it bby!!!!!!! ^_^


We celebrated the following day with family & a few of her friends♥

she’s amused by the bubbles

blurry LOL sorry guys! You guys already know I suck at taking photos of people! haha

smelling Haley’s feet

look at the cool kids on the right. they kicked me out. I’m officially the “uncool” auntie (crying emoji)

she taught me hahah

double the trouble

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