Pinnacles National Park

Jeremiah & I spent Memorial Day exploring around Pinnacles National Park. We didn’t get the chance to do anything on our anniversary (05/20) or been able to explore as much as we used to because we’ve honestly just been so busy with work, school, family events/social gatherings, errands, etc. The last time we went on an adventure or off to explore was in December 2015 when we dipped right after Christmas & went to Yosemite for a weekend. We also haven’t had the same day off in a very long time, so we decided to take the opportunity on both of our days off to explore.
We’ve never been to Pinnacles before, but I heard about it from my co-worker & our friend. We wanted to do the Bear Gulch Cave trail, but it was closed off because of bats, so we just did the Bear Gulch trail. It was short & easy. The reservoir gives you a nice view of everything. I’m sure there are other trails that will take you to the top, but we didn’t do any of those. We definitely want to go back & check out the Bear Gulch Cave or do another trail, but probably with a group of people. Now that we’ve gone here, we can give people opinions on this place from our experience. Apparently we have to bring flashlights for the caves, so I’ll make a note of that for next time. Thankfully this place is not that far from where we live. The other adventures we want to do are 3-4 hours away, so this place was super convenient.
I can’t wait for our next couple of adventures because we have a few of the same days off again (: check back for updates!

I was actually really nervous here! I kept trying not to look down ):

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