Prince | Purple Rain (Live 2007)

unless you’ve been living under a rock, I’m pretty sure you all know that the beloved musician, Prince, passed away last Thursday. I found out when I was at work & I immediately texted Jer. We were both in complete shock because we recently saw him at the GSW vs OKC game last month at Oracle Arena in Oakland.
The scary thing about is the night before the game, I asked Jer what he was going to wear to the game. He said, “My Prince Shirts vs. Blouses Dave Chappelle Skit” shirt. I laughed & said, “Really?!? Okay.” We had no idea Prince was going to be there. Jer simply just wanted to wear his shirt.
On the day of the game, we were on our way to Oracle & Jeremiah says, “I saw some tweets & it’s reported that Prince is going to be there.” I didn’t believe it, but sometime during the game, we see Prince up there on the jumbotron sitting courtside. It was a crazy coincidence that Jer decides to wear his Prince Shirts vs Blouses shirt & who else, but the musician himself is there sitting courtside. He was in Oakland because he was doing a concert the day after or something along those lines.
& at the end of the night, they were handing out Prince’s CD’s for free. Jer & I both got one. We still have it wrapped up & everything ),:

RIP Prince♥ 

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