Canon Sure Shot (also known as Autoboy II or AF35MII) x CVS 400 Film

Last week, this new addition arrived just in time before my quick trip out to LA. It is unpleasantly loud (lol in a cute way), but I really wanted to see what’s so different about having an Auto Focus Point & Shoot 35mm film camera.
I researched what the best Point & Shoot 35mm film cameras were & this was one of them. Some other great Point & Shoots are the Nikon L35AF, Olympus MJU II, Olympus Trip 35, Contax T2, & a few others.
to see a full list, click here & here.

I actually got a good deal on this one. I’ve been on the lookout for this online, flea markets, & thrift stores. If it’s in good or decent condition, this will usually go for $30-$40+, but I found a dude that was selling it for $18, so I couldn’t pass it up.
On that note, this morning I found another user selling the Point & Shoot Nikon L35AF for $10 ($6 shipping), but I was hesitant because I just got this one last week. I should’ve taken the opportunity because the Nikon L35AF actually goes for waaaaaay more than $16. On Ebay, it’s about $40+. I could’ve bought it & then sold it for profit. lol. I think my old co-worker has that Nikon one, but I’m not sure if it’s the same model.

But anyway, back to this new addition. I brought it with me on my quick trip out to LA last week. A few decent photos came out of it. Jer actually took the photos. What’s cool about it being a Point & Shoot is that it’s an Auto Focus so it’s really easy & simple to use. Jer struggles with trying to use some of my manual cameras, so I let him use this one to lug around hoping it would be easier for him to work with.
I would’ve gotten more photos out of it, but I messed up the roll. It’s okay because it was a test roll anyway to see if the camera even worked. I accidentally pushed on the “rewind film” button on the top because my thumbs are so accustomed to turning on a camera from the top. To turn this one on, the button is on the front. I didn’t research for its manual so I assumed I had rewound the film. I decided to just get the roll developed to avoid double exposure over the photos that were taken. I stupidly ended up opening the back door & seeing that the film didn’t rewind at all! I think I ended up exposing some of the photos as you can see some of the light leaks (I’m assuming that’s where it’s from). There is a certain way & sound to tell if the film is completely rewound. At least we managed to save a few photos from it. The place where I get my film developed from didn’t charge full price after Jer told him what I did (,: The owner of Foto Express in downtown SJ is seriously so understanding & nice!!!!!!

If you plan on getting a Point & Shoot, have one/don’t know how to use it, or plan on getting into film in general,

  1. research for its original manual online! don’t take the risk of messing up a roll, especially if you took photos of precious moments that you want to keep!
  2. if you want to test to see if a camera works, buy cheap film first. You don’t want to spend the extra money on Portra or Ektar if the camera you bought ends up not being in working condition.
  3. if you want your photos to be developed with love & care, research for your local photo shop or send your stuff in at I don’t recommend CVS, Walgreens, or Rite Aid unless you don’t care about the quality.
If you have any tips/advice/comments or any questions for me, leave a comment below! ^_^









Camera: Canon Sure Shot (Autoboy II / AF 35M II)

Film Type: CVS 400

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