Universal Studios/Wizarding World of Harry Potter x Staples Center/Kobe’s last Lakers game

Jer & I left the Bay Area around 7AM to fly out to LA for Kobe’s last Lakers game. Jeremiah really wanted to go because that’s his team & one of his most favorite athletes, so this trip was planned months ago. I’m glad time finally came around to it because I needed a quick getaway.

Once we arrived at LAX, we got a cab to take us to Universal Studios. We didn’t rent a car this time like we usually do for trips nor did we take our own car only because we didn’t want to deal with driving in LA traffic. The traffic on the way to Universal Studio was ridiculous. I honestly don’t know how people can live like that. It’s insane & it didn’t really help that our cab driver was driving like a maniac. I got sick from his driving. Once we got dropped off at Universal Studios, we got a locker to put our things in. We went into Universal Studios & went straight for the Wizarding World of Harry Potter. I was super freaking excited. I kept squealing once I got there. haha. We roamed around first & got Butterbeer.

We stood in line for an hour for the Ollivander’s Wand Experience. We didn’t know that you could just go in the store to get a wand -__- It was a cool experience though! It’s just like the movie.

After roaming around Ollivander’s, Jeremiah & I finally got our wands. We both got the activated wands so that we could do spells around the park. Jeremiah got Sirius Black’s wand (I wanted that one too) & I got Bellatrix Lestrange’s. The only other wands that I thought looked cool was Hermoine’s, Fred Weasley’s, Voldemort’s, Kingsley’s, & Mad Eye Moody’s.
After getting our wands, we ate at The Three Broomsticks. We got the ribs platter & it was so good. We were so hungry. We hadn’t eaten a meal at all & this was already at 12PM.

After eating lunch, we started walking around doing the spells with our wands. They have different sections around the park where you could cast spells with your wands & something happens. We went inside of all the stores too to see what we could possibly take home.

After casting spells & roaming inside of the stores, we went on the Harry Potter 3-D ride & we didn’t know that you couldn’t bring your stuff with you on the ride, so we had to put everything inside of the lockers. They were free, but it was still a hassle. The inside looks so dope. They had certain props set up just like certain scenes from the movies.

After the ride, our exit was an entrance into one of their souvenir shops. That was probably the best souvenir shop because they had a bunch of cute stuff. hehe. After that souvenir shop, we started getting the rest of the stuff we wanted.

We left Universal Studios & took a Lyft to our hotel. We got to relax a bit before leaving for Staples Center to watch Kobe play his last game ever.

The cab ride there was super freaking awful. Our cab driver made me so nauseous I almost puked. In the middle of all the traffic, we decided to just get out & walk instead of sitting there in the awful traffic feeling sick. I don’t understand why the drivers in LA stomp on their breaks so damn hard all. the. time. Who even drives like that?!?!?!

When we arrived at Staples, they had this whole event activity thing going on. They had activities, cheerleaders signing stuff, interviews, DJs, dancing, etc. It was so wild. I’ve never seen so much purple & gold in my entire life. It felt a little awkward being there & everyone was dripped in Lakers gear while I wasn’t. LOL. I actually brought my Warriors shirt on the trip, but I didn’t wear it to the game. I just feel like that’s just super disrespectful, especially on Kobe’s last NBA game, but anyways, how ’bout them Warriors! ;p

Jeremiah & I started lining up around 5PM to get into Staples. They opened the doors at 6PM. We didn’t get in literally 10 minutes before the game started. Idk who on earth was in charge of the lines, but I’ve never been to a game that was so terribly unorganized. We were close to the doors too! It shouldn’t have taken an hour & a half to get in. That’s just ridiculous. Once we got in, we had to check the GoPro in because they weren’t allowed inside. I feel like they should’ve specified that on their website because we checked for their camera policy & the only type of camera they don’t allow is the one with interchangeable lenses. There isn’t anything on the website about a GoPro. After checking that in, we pretty much ran around Staples & up escalators to get to our seats. Once we got to our seats, my free t-shirt was gone. The guy sitting next to us managed to save one for us. He was really kind!
Overall, the game was exciting & the fans were so riled up for Kobe. We stayed (& pretty much everyone else too) until Kobe left to head inside of the locker room.

#MambaOut #MambaDay #ThankYouKobe

After the game, we took a Lyft back to the hotel. I fell asleep during the car ride, but this driver was the best out of all the others one we had today. He was chill & didn’t drive like a maniac.


We left the hotel around 5AM & took a Lyft to LAX. Once we got there, we got food, & boarded our plane.

We came back to the Bay Area earlier than our estimated arrival!

our souvenirs! I’m surprised we were able to fit these inside of our backpacks :p
We got a Kobe shirt for my brother, shirts for my two godsons, a onesie for my niece, & jelly beans for my co-worker. My free t-shirt from the Lakers game was stolen, but I got a free lanyard & Kobe poster book. Idk what I’m going to do with them though. haha. We brought home a souvenir cup from Staples too. From the Wizarding World of Harry Potter, I got a wand, dark mark temporary tattoos, a dark mark patch, a chocolate frog, & a t-shirt.

After school, we had breakfast at Holder’s & I spent the rest of my day drinking coffee, doing homework, & studied for my test. #TeamNoSleep

Coachella: weekend one is THIS weekend, so if you’re going, please be safe & have fun! ^_^

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