Minolta SR-T 202 x 50mm f/1.7 x CVS 400 film

Remember the Minolta film camera that my brother gave me? Here’s the first/test roll from the Minolta SR-T 202 for my personal project “One Film Roll A Month Project

I picked up my film photos today & I’m so happy with how they turned out✨

  •  if you’re shooting with film, don’t get your stuff developed at Walgreens/CVS/Rite Aid because the quality is awful, you have to wait over a week (which sucks if you’re impatient like me), they don’t send back the negatives, & they’ll mess up your roll (already had two bad experiences)
  • go to your local photo shop where they actually care about the quality or send your stuff in at thedarkroom.com !
  • if you live in the Bay Area, get yours developed at Foto Express in downtown SJ. They give back the negatives+photo CD for just $2 more than Walgreens. They’re quick & the quality is superb💕
    If you know any other place that develops photos with great quality somewhere in the Bay Area, please let me know!


I really need to work on focusing more or being more assertive with my subjects & telling them to hold still. LOL.
It doesn’t really help that my eyesight is kind of blurry now because I have this bad habit of looking through my phone when the lights are off/dim & I strain my eyes 10x more now when I edit/sort through photos. >.<
If I’m taking photos of you, please be patient with me. I’m sorry! I have to take time trying to manually focus on my subject.

Bella at the bookstore on Haight St.


you’re forgiven. lol. cute card we found in the bookstore on Haight St.


Randy & Sharina looking through books






I was having one of my tough weeks, so Jeremiah surprised me with my favorite flowers when I came home from work. they bloomed beautifully.


custom t-shirt design at the Treasure Island Flea


looking through vinyls at the Treasure Island Flea


we found Frank guys….Sinatra!


Randy looking for treasures to bring home to Sharina

I knew that these photos of us were going to turn out dark because we were against the sun. We’re supposed to be facing the sun, but the view was that way!







Jeremiah, the City, & a little boat.

Camera: Minolta SR-T 202

Film Type: CVS 400

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