Minolta SR-T 202

My brother came home with a Minolta SR-T 202 about a month or so ago. He bought it on eBay only because he wanted the lens that came with it. lol. He took the lens & said I could have the camera.
Over the past year I’ve actually been selling a bunch of my cameras online, but I guess that makes space for new, right?
I don’t know if my brother was joking about giving it to me, but if I like it, I guess I’ll keep it. If I don’t, I’ll just give it back to him so he can re-sell it if he wants. Funny because I bought him a Minolta X-700 35mm film camera for Christmas & then he gives me a Minolta film camera back. haha.
I bought this vintage camera strap at the Treasure Island Flea Market a couple months ago, but I didn’t have any spare cameras to use it for until now!

The Minolta SR-T 202 is a 35mm film camera. Thankfully I have Minolta lenses so I could make use of it. I just found the manual online.

I’m lightweight excited to see how the photos are going to turn out. The previous owner told my brother that he’s unsure if it works because it was a camera that his deceased father owned.
Hopefully it works or that the photos turn out somewhat decent. I hate wasting a roll >.<

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