Bear Valley Mountain

Two weekends ago, my friends & I went on a day trip to Bear Valley Mountain to snowboard. Jer & I really wanted to get the hang of it so we didn’t want to pass up the opportunity to go while the snow’s still here. Apparently, this is the best snow season we’ve had in a while too.

I had so much fun ^_^ Trisha has this video of me doing this little jump & I started off okay until I fell at the end. HAHAHAH. I didn’t fall as much as last time!!! I’m starting to get the hang of it now.

My brother in law & I have been discussing future trips sometime next year, which I would be down to do! My sister & my brother in law keep telling me that I should get my own snowboard or at least, save up for one so that I’d have my own next year. Renting does start to add up over time so might as well invest in one if I plan on going every Winter.

photos during the drive back home:

& when I finally got back, I crashed. hahah.

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