Monochrome x Bokeh x Mobile

I took this photo around the beginning of January with an app on my phone. There are plenty of users that solely use their phone for photography because they prefer it or they don’t have the funds for a camera.
I use an iPhone 6S & if you have one too, you know how limited the camera options are, hence the multiple photos apps I use.

I’m thinking about doing a future post about my favorite photography apps that I use.
What do you think? Would you be interested to read about the photo apps I use for mobile photography?

*if you’re reading this, comment below if you’re interested in reading a future post about my favorite mobile photography apps*

To achieve the “bokeh” effect for this photo, I used manual settings with an app called “Manual” from the iPhone App Store. It’s $2.99, which isn’t so bad compared to other apps if you want to be more freelanced with camera settings. I’m not sure if Android has the app.

What I like about this app is that you have full control of your ISO, shutter speed, white balance, & focus. The app unfortunately doesn’t take videos, but if you’re looking to take photos with manual settings then you should check it out!

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