Valentine’s Day 2016 | Legion of Honor

Jer & I decided a while back that we didn’t want to do anything for Valentine’s Day this year. I think we’re both kind of just over the whole Hallmark Holiday. lol. We show love to each other every single day in different forms.
I think it’s cute to do something when you’re in the Honeymoon Phase of your relationship & you kind of want to go all out, which I have no problem with because I did it once too, but we grew out of it. We’ve been together for almost 5 years now (omg lol) so V-Day was just another day for us. We show love & have fun all the time!

Last year, he went big & took me on a cruise around the San Francisco Bay. I love that memory. I’m so glad to have shared that first experience with him, but this past Valentine’s weekend was probably my most favorite.

(alright, I’m about to sound like a Grandma)

On Thursday night, we watched Deadpool at the theater & it was such a great movie! It was funny, entertaining, & we both enjoyed the fact that the film broke the fourth wall.
On Friday night, he came home & surprised me with a card, balloon, & a bouquet of my favorite flowers. I had a craving for a medium rare steak last week so we ate at Ruth’s Chris Steak House.
On Saturday, we both chilled at home, ordered pizza, watched the NBA Dunk Contest (it was INSANE!!!!!), & downloaded/listened to Kanye’s new album “The Life of Pablo” (it’s amazing btw).
On Sunday/Valentine’s Day, we went to my favorite local museum “The Legion of Honor” after church service, watched the NBA All-Star game (also Kobe Bryant’s last All-Star game ever), & watched the season premiere of The Walking Dead (OMG!!!!!!!!).

We both usually like going out on adventures or taking trips out for a weekend to get away, but we also love taking it easy & hanging out at home ^_^

I hope you all had a great weekend!

Here are a few photos I took at The Legion of Honor:

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