Tahoe Trip 2016

Friday (Day 1):

Spent a ridiculous amount of hours in the car due to traffic. I’m going to assume it’s only because it’s MLK weekend so most people have a 3-day weekend. We finally arrived sometime during the evening. The place looked creepy at first, but once we settled in the place is actually really cute!

except for this creepy shed outside that reminded me of the movie “Room”.

Dez, Drew, Jer, & I made dinner since we hadn’t eaten a meal all day & the rest of the group wasn’t going to arrive until around 11PM. Once they arrived we all stayed up to drink & play games. It was actually real fun. NO PIE IN MY FACE!

Saturday (Day 2):

The guys made breakfast for the girls this morning so we’re making breakfast on Sunday morning.

woke up to this pretty neighborhood view

I went outside to explore a little bit. It’s so pretty ^_^

definitely reminds me of “Room”

Alex x snow bike

We all went sledding & built snowmen at South Lake Tahoe Beach. I haven’t played like that in the snow in so long.


this guy’s dog started playing around in our area. The dog’s name is “Dude” !!!! I thought that was so cute.

We played fetch with the dog for a while.


We were supposed to go to a viewpoint of Emerald Bay, but it was closed off due to snow so we just went to a Snow Park instead.

Went to a Snow Park for a while so that we could practice snowboarding & play on the sled. I wanted to get a feel for it before tomorrow when we go to Sierra. I suck. Lol. It’s literally my first time so I’m just going to expect to suck the entire day tomorrow. I do think that if I were to go or do this more often, I’ll be able to get a better feel for it & know how to snowboard. Trish said she’s going to have embarrassing videos of all of us. Can’t wait. lol.

We were supposed to go to Heavenly for the evening, but we all went back to the house to eat & we all ended up napping instead. lol.

Sunday (Day 3):

Before we even got out of the car, my stomach was already in knots. I honestly thing I should’ve drank or taken my anti-anxiety pills because inside I was freaking out. lol.

surprisingly didn’t feel nauseous & surprisingly didn’t fall off the lift lmfao

I honestly gave up halfway, but I picked it up towards the end when I was already all bruised up, & all done & ready to go -_- I think I only had motivation towards the end because I kept telling myself, “The closer I get the fuck down, the sooner I can have beer & Advil. & plus, I haven’t been to Italy yet. I can survive this! I need to!”

soooooo pretty!

Tahoe Team 2016

Trish has all the embarrassing videos of us. hahah. Thank you Alex & Trish for teaching me! I really appreciate it! & shouts to my co-worker for letting me borrow her snow gear ^_^

I’m literally sitting in my room right now sore as shit. I have some bruises too. I honestly don’t think I feel as terrible as I was expecting to be. I’ve actually felt worse so that’s a good thing right?
Overall, I’m down to go again after I recover, when I have another weekend off, & when I have money saved up. I didn’t want my first time to discourage me from ever trying again. I really want to get it down & I think that if I go more often, I’d be able to get the hang of it.

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