series: random daily flicks

I finally have a long weekend ahead of me, but it’s definitely going to be filled with stuff to do. I’ll be away with a few friends. I most likely won’t be able to update while I’m away. I’ll definitely try to if I have down time(:

I know I’m already slacking with posts on here, but it’s been quite a busy month for me. Everything will slow down once February hits & then it will pick up again starting in March.

I hope you all have a great weekend ♥

Here’s a few random photos throughout the week.

Saturday | camera | 10:50am morning coffee, listening to a dope playlist, & blog writing
Sunday | phone | it rained sometime during the evening & I thought of you.
Monday | camera | After work/school I put on The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, The Witch, & The Wardrobe. I ended up taking a nap, woke up at 450pm, & realized I had slept through the entire movie. I’m trying not to take naps if I have work early the next day because I found that I can’t sleep at night. It’s definitely a challenge because naps in the afternoon have been part of my routine for a while. Idk if my body wants to adjust.
Wednesday | phone | ran around today with my head on fire. just kidding. Had a long day so a mini nap was needed.
Thursday | phone | RIP to the Half-Blood Prince, Alan Rickman ):
Oscar Nominations also came out today & I’m not surprised with the list tbh. After school I went home & finally watched Room. I cried more than I expected for reasons that really made my skin crawl (I’ll elaborate more on that later).
I watched everything in the Motion Picture category expect for Bridge of Spies & Brooklyn. I’m really ecstatic about the Mad Max slot. My predictions for best MP would be either The Revenant, Room, or Spotlight. I’m really crossing my fingers for Leo! Brie Larson has it in the bag. Male supporting I think would be Tom Hardy. N/A for supporting actress. For director I think it’s between Inarritu, Abrahamson, & McCarthy. Original screenplay, I REALLY want SOC to win of course, but I feel like it would go to Spotlight. Animated feature, Inside Out. I really hope The Revenant wins for cinematography!!!! I am bummed that some people got snubbed this year in the Oscars, but I’m honestly not surprised. That’s the Oscars for ya.

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