She was the classiest, sassy, with a passion for fashion sense smashin’ on any of those nasty -ss hoodrats. ~~(dumbfoundead//Different Galaxies)

I haven’t updated or posted anything over the past couple days. I haven’t done anything besides my usual daily routine stuff with naps in between. I’ve been feeling pretty overwhelmed lately. I know what you’re thinking. It’s only the second week into the new year, how could I already feel this overwhelmed? Easier said than done my friend.

I went through a couple photos over the past two years & I must say, I do have quite the travel/adventure bug after digging through the archive.

I do have some things coming up that I’m excited about. This weekend I’ll be going snowboarding for the first time with a few friends. We were supposed to snowboard on Saturday, but one of our friend’s said it was going to snow on Saturday so we’ll just have to go snowboarding on Sunday. On Saturday, I think we’re all just going to explore & our friends are going to show/bring us to some dope spots. I’m definitely cool with that too! I’ll definitely bring my camera for sure ^_^ Stay tuned for that.

Tomorrow will probably be my busiest day of this week ): I have work, school, errands to run, homework (I got most of it done tonight), & pack/prepare for the weekend.

Anyway, here is a look that I’ve been hoarding inside my drafts. hahah my bad! This was taken sometime in November (2015) after church.

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