Hello 2016!

I never have any big plans on New Year’s Eve because I’m not the “nightlife” type of person so I did the same thing as last year & went to Treasure Island to watch fireworks, but this time I had family with me. I always underestimate how cold it gets there so if I go back again next year I’ll be better prepared. Shouts to my brother for helping me out with my camera settings in order for these images to come out.
Ever since I got my new camera (which is entirely different than my previous because they are different brands) I haven’t had any time at all to really experience or play around with it. I kind of just received it, lugged it around all the events I’ve had recently with zero knowledge of how the functions work. Let me reiterate, it is completely different than what I was previously using. I had a full-frame Canon 5D Mark II DSLR using automatic lenses & I went the complete opposite direction from that & I’m now using a Sony MILC using manual lenses so I feel like I’m right back to the beginning which is quite frustrating, but definitely a challenge for me. I love learning all about the art so I don’t mind the frustration at times.
I’m trying real hard to be patient with myself so here’s to another year of learning. Now that I’m through with practically all the events I had lined up, I hope I have some time to set myself aside in between a hectic work & school schedule to learn more about my camera & its functions so I can create & focus on my growth.

I’m not really big on New Year’s resolutions, but for 2016 I truly want to step out of my comfort zone, take more risks, travel/adventure/explore more, focus/learn more about what I’m passionate about, live in the moment with the people I care about the most, work harder to achieve the things I truly want, save money (this is always on my list haha), create a healthier lifestyle (this is also always on my list, but yeah right!), dismiss the opinions of others if what I’m doing makes me happy, & quit being so damn hard on myself. I know all of that sounds really cliche, but I really mean it.
I just want to do what makes me happy by focusing on my passion, feeding my soul with adventure, & investing my energy in good company/vibes.

The last tidbits of 2015 I spent time with the people I care about the most. In between hauling myself out of bed to go to work only to get ready for the next event & do the same thing all over again the next day, albeit it was exhausting, it was nothing short of amazing. I’m blessed to have spent the start of this year with the people I love the most<3

Happy New Year everyone! I hope yours was as well as mine(:

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