Yosemite National Park

The morning after Christmas we woke up at 5AM with very little sleep to head towards Yosemite National Park.

We didn’t have a chance to do anything over his birthday weekend because that weekend & every one after that was full of events so we decided to delay it for a weekend that best fit both of our schedules. We really just wanted/needed a small getaway for just the both of us. & the only weekend that worked best was Christmas weekend.

We’ve been meaning to go here for over a year already & we’ve always wanted to experience it in the snow. Thankfully it wasn’t snowing so we were able to handle the cold weather without all the extra harsh conditions.
The requirement by the park is that you need to have snow chains on if your car isn’t a 4-wheel drive. Jer bought snow chains at O’Reilly’s a couple of days before we left for $40 so everything worked out.

We only did two small hikes that I wouldn’t even really call hikes. It was more of a nice walk. We did the Lower Yosemite Falls hike & the Mirror Lake hike. They weren’t strenuous at all. We both wanted to do other hikes, but we aren’t familiar/experienced with hiking in the snow so we decided to play it safe & do the easier ones.

Yosemite is dreamy, beautiful, & gorgeous. I loved it there. I didn’t want to leave.
I do want to go back before all the snow is gone. Hopefully if I have a weekend cleared up in January I’d be down to go again for a day trip with my brother & our cousins.

We stayed at Cedar Lodge which is a little drive away from Yosemite because all of the lodges inside of the park itself were a little too expensive.
Cedar Lodge was cute for its price. They have a cute lobby with a gift shop next to it that also has snacks, food, paper towels, plastic cups, laundry detergent, etc. (pretty much little things you need if you’re going camping. useful!)
Cedar Lodge also has a cute breakfast diner & then a Bar+Grill next to it. They have an outdoor pool, an indoor heated pool, arcade, activity center for arts+crafts, etc.
Our room was also pretty cool because we had a shower & a bathtub with jets 0_0 Wasn’t expecting a lodge to have that.
The only downside is that the area where the lodge is located doesn’t have any signal. They do have wi-fi! Not having signal out there was kind of tough, but the wi-fi kind of just did it for me because there are plenty of other alternatives to reach me at besides text or call. Besides, you don’t want to be too attached to your phone. The whole point of going away for a while or being around nature is to immerse yourself in all of it. You want to experience all the beauty around you & not be so attached to your phone that you miss out on everything.

I’d definitely go back! I already miss it so much. I posted a couple of teaser videos of what it looks like over there. Check out my previous posts!

I actually took plenty of more photos than the 3 in this post (of course I took more photos!), but I’ve decided today that I’m not going to share or post any more from this set. I really just want to keep this set for myself♥

I’m trying to publish all of the posts that are sitting in my drafts. Apologies again for the delay! Tonight I’ll be grabbing dinner at Gyu-Kaku. I’ve been craving for Japanese BBQ over the past couple of days ^_^

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