Christmas 2015

Christmas Day I spent the day with my family at my auntie’s house. I wasn’t that late this year. HOORAY! lol.
We spent time watching the Warriors game, ate (so much good food this year YUM), put Home Alone on, waited for others to arrive, passed+opened presents, & spent the rest of the evening hanging out with everyone. Before we all left my cousin made us play two rounds of that Pie-in-the-face game. I didn’t participate because I spent 2 hours on my makeup (lol). My mom wants everyone to play the game on New Year’s Day, but I’m not sure about that. We’ll see!
My siblings also liked their gifts which I’m real happy about because those three gifts were the ones I was worried about the most ^_^
Everyone also liked that I added personal photos to each gift this year. I’m glad because I really wanted to do something different. Maybe next year I’ll kind of do the same thing? Idk. We’ll see. I have a whole year to think about new ideas.

Apologies to the fam for the photo delay! All of my personal family photos are now only being published on my facebook.

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