Gingerbread Houses

After Christmas service with LOJ, Jer & I headed over to my cousin’s house to hangout with the kids while they built gingerbread houses. We literally haven’t done this in years so it was nice seeing the kids/cousins get creative.
I think the most interesting gingerbread house was Conner’s because it wasn’t jolly at all. lol. His house had a zombie dog with rabies, a monster eating people, a dude with no head, & one turning over in her grave. I always thought the North Pole would be something dreamy like a snow globe, but Conner’s version of it seemed horrifying. HAHA.

Screeners also leaked tonight! I’ve been so anxious to watch The Revenant (2015). I’ll probably watch it tomorrow. I’m really looking forward to the cinematography & the performances by the leading actors. The trailer tells you so little, but makes you curious to watch so you can figure out what the storyline is about.

I also finally bought mini Christmas lights for my room. I used to have 2 boxes, but they’re in the storage somewhere. Target is having a 30% off sale for Christmas items & the mini lights were only $2 so I just bought them. My room has finally come together. I think I’ll post photos soon of what it looks like. I made a bunch of changes to it this past week & I’m satisfied with the turn out.

Christmas is already on Friday. I can’t believe how quick the holidays went by this year. Only a couple of days of work & then I’ll spend the rest of the week with my loved ones (:

I’m going to spend the rest of the evening relaxing since I have to wake up early tomorrow.
Goodnight! I hope you all had a great Sunday ^_^

*remaining personal family photos will be posted on my Facebook for the protection of their privacy*

literally the scariest gingerbread house I’ve seen

Harrison: this is my trap house…..LOL omg

don’t know what Conner was doing here

Jen’s tinsel town

Conner’s Scary North Pole

Aly’s Wonderland

Harrison’s trap houses

Randy & Sharina’s alien house

Dylan’s jingle house

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