My best friend the RN BSN Graduate of 2015! ♥

Yesterday I attended my best friend’s graduation. The commencement was held at the California Theatre in downtown SJ. The venue was really gorgeous & extravagant (:

My best friend is one of the most hard-working, sincere, caring, optimistic, selfless, kind, honest, comical, & generous people I have known in my entirety.
I’m beyond thrilled to see how much my best friend has achieved & how much she has grown ever since we met our freshman year of high school.
Over the past couple of years, I have seen her triumph over one tribulation to the next with so much grace & integrity.
She is one of the busiest people in my life who devotes much of her time to family & friends in the midst of her education.
When I was going through a pivotal & traumatic experience from January 2014-March 2014 she took so much time out of her busy schedule to check up on me, pray for me, & be there for me. When I was doubtful, she provided prayer. When I was weak, she gave me strength. When I needed a friend, she was there 100%.
I’m blessed to have someone like you in my life whom I can call my best friend.
Ahhhh I’m crying while typing this write now. haha.
She has always been there for me when I needed her to be & I am grateful to have witnessed her in one of the most pivoting moments in her life.
I am so proud of you♥

“Oh, it’s real!” LOL

She’s looking for the price tag. LOL.

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