The Nutcracker Ballet

This is one of my holiday traditions that I’ve been doing with my sister for the past couple years, but she unfortunately couldn’t make it this year because she’s very pregnant & that would’ve meant a lot of bathroom breaks! lol. Plus, my nephew would’ve been jumping out of his seat so my sister told me we could try going together next year.

Thankfully Jeremiah was willing to go with me. We thoroughly enjoyed it. The male & female leads were great! I remember liking last year’s female lead too. The only downside was that we weren’t allowed to have food or drinks once we were seated. I knew that rule applied since I couldn’t do it last year either. I thought that it might have changed because when we watched The Lion King in August we were allowed to have food & drinks. I’m going to assume that the rules depend on what kind of show we’re watching?

Getting there & trying to find parking was the worst part of the evening. We didn’t think about how bad traffic was going to be. There was a Sharks game at the SAP Center & Christmas in the Park going on so it took more time trying to navigate around downtown. If you ever decide to go, try to catch an earlier time or research if there’s a Sharks game going on the same night to avoid traffic or possibly being late.

They had so many cute souvenirs!

I really wanted a snow globe, but I don’t really have any space for one right now. Each snow globe was also $40 each ):

My sister & I didn’t see him last year, but he was there taking photos with guests this year. Of course I wanted a photo too :p

courtesy to my GorillaPod & my bluetooth :p

I really am bummed that my sister couldn’t go with me this year because it’s kind of our thing :/ I bought her a souvenir. They had more cute stuff, but I liked these two the most.

bought these two ornaments! I bought one for my sister since she could’t go with my this year ^_^

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