Christmas in the Park

Going to Christmas in the Park is one of my traditions & I was finally able to go last night. I really wanted to go before finals because it’s always crazy busy here the closer it gets to Christmas. Thankfully I didn’t have to experience tough crowds or long lines this time! It also wasn’t as cold as last year so it felt kind of nice to be out.
I didn’t get the chance to take the signature picture of the hot chocolate with the snowman because I asked for light whip so my snowman quickly melted in before I could get the shot. Hahah. We walked around for a while before we started grubbing on food. I honestly go for the food. I had the hot chocolate, bacon wrapped hot dog (that was eh), & the corn on the cob. I unfortunately forgot to buy popcorn before we left ): I would go back just for it.

My brother & his girlfriend want to go ice skating, but I’m not sure where or when. If they go to Christmas in the Park then I’ll go too so I can get my popcorn ^_^
Oh! We didn’t bring the selfie stick or the GoPro. While walking we noticed plenty of people using a selfie stick so I probably should have brought it with us until I remembered I had my GorillaPod in my purse! It definitely comes in handy. I like that it’s magnetic so it could stick to posts easier. I’m always hesitant to ask someone to take a photo of us only because every single time I do, the photo doesn’t turn out right :/ It’s just easier doing it myself :p I think it turned out pretty good for a small tripod & Bluetooth capability.

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