Jessica’s 18th

Over the weekend my family & I made a trip to SoCal for my cousin’s cotillion. It was nice being able to spend time with family that I haven’t seen in so long. We definitely want to go back next year to visit. Overall, we all had a great time.
My cousin & aunt told me that Jessica planned the whole thing out. She was the one who came up with the choreography, the center pieces, the streamers, the whole motif, etc. She really did a great job because I loved the whole theme & set up. The photobooth was cool, the slideshow was cute, the games were fun, food was sooo good, I enjoyed the performances, & the DJ was awesome! My brother was part of the roses & each rose had a different dance to do with Jessica. It was so cute. lol. I was part of the candles so we all did mini speeches like share a fun memory we had with Jessica, etc.
I wish we could’ve stayed longer to hangout with my cousins, but we all had to head back home. I hope we can make another trip out there sometime next year so that we can hangout with all the cousins again ^_^

the rest of my personal family photos will be posted on facebook

I told my younger cousins to do the DAB. HAHAHAH

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