Coit Tower x Kirby Cove

This post has long been overdue! I almost forgot about this post because it was deep inside of my drafts.
The day before I went to Big Sur I went to Coit Tower & Kirby Cove. I’ve been to Coit Tower before, but never to the top because the first time I went it was super busy. I went out to test my weapon of the weekend. I was a little frustrated with myself because I couldn’t figure out the functions on my camera. It’s so very different than my cameras. It took so much time to get used to & I still have a lot to learn, but I’m so willing to learn more in something that I thoroughly enjoy doing.
The wait for Coit Tower wasn’t so bad this time. The views up there were great. I’ve never taken photos of SF that high up.

After Coit Tower I ate at Roam Artisan Burgers in the Fillmore area. After Roam Artisan Burgers I went to Kirby Cove. It was my first time there. I didn’t know it was a campgrounds area. It’s really secluded there which is nice if you’re camping with a bunch of friends. What’s cool about Kirby Cove is that if you’re camping there you get the beach & the view of the Golden Gate Bridge. If you ever plan on going there at night I suggest you bring a flashlight because it gets really dark on the way back up.

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