Pacific Northwest: Crater Lake National Park x Multnomah Falls x Pike Place Market x Snoqualmie Falls

I’ve been anxious to post these since last week & I finally got the OK from my brother (cramnagisac)! Before his trip I told him to take plenty of photos & send me some, but I didn’t get to see anything until he got back.
All of these photos were taken by him & edited by me.
I’m super proud of my brother because he put himself down about how he’s not that great at taking landscape photos (in comparison to me), but these all turned out so amazing. I actually don’t even like 97% of the photos I take. lol. The longer I look at my work, the more I end up hating it. I’m my harshest critic. That’s a given.
All of it is a learning process. You have to be really patient with yourself. You just have to explore, shoot, & practice. How else will you learn without trial & error?
My favorite photo from this entire set is one of the shots from Snoqualmie Falls. It looks so beautiful in the photos & I bet it was even so much more gorgeous in person. I can’t wait until I take a trip out there! I’m going to get that photo printed & hung up in my room sometime ^_^

Wizard Island

Multnomah Falls

Pike Place Market

Snoqualmie Falls

During the road trip back home

The Walking Dead also comes back tonight! Also, new episodes of OUAT, KUWTK, & DD!

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