Joby GorillaPod

I bought a Joby GorillaPod today at the Apple store. I didn’t realize how small it was until I opened the box. It’s so cute! It’s basically a mini tripod, but for your phone. I’ve gone on a couple of adventures where I’ve actually seen people use these.
I did a bit of research before buying it & some people said that theirs broke easily or something “snapped”, but there were plenty of good reviews too.
I’ve been following someone on instagram for over 2 years that uses this for her iPhone Only shots & she has never mentioned any defects regarding it. I think that personal care is a big factor in items. If you’re careless with something it’s likely that a defect can stem from carelessness. I just bought it today so we’ll see how it goes. I might want to kick myself later if it does break on me. lol. But I’m crossing my fingers that it won’t.
I wanted to buy one because I don’t always bring my camera or tripod with me so a GorillaPod would be an easy carry. Now I can take photos with my phone at slow shutter speeds (with an app) without the shakiness of my own hands. It’s also an easier carry without bringing the GoPro+stick or selfie stick. I could easily mount/stand the GorillaPod to take certain photos by using a timer or my bluetooth photo remote.

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