Birthday Dinner for Joy!

Had dinner at Yard House with the girls (minus Kathy) to celebrate Joy’s birthday. We’re definitely trying to hangout more often, but it’s still so difficult with everyone’s schedules. Maybe we’ll hangout over Thanksgiving break or Christmas break. We’ll try to have dinner next month for Kathy’s & Vanessa’s birthday. It’s nice catching up & sharing a few laughs as always!
I also started watching How To Get Away with Murder since it was on Netflix & now I know what everyone was talking about! The show is crazy, but it’s sooooo good. Each episode gets better & better. I binged watched it. There are only 15 episodes & 1 season so far. The 2nd season just started last week so now I’m all caught up. I probably won’t follow it every week. I’ll wait 5 episodes & then binge watch. I’m in the middle of so many tv shows right now! I’m watching OUAT, Scream Queens, Fear the Walking Dead, Heroes Reborn, Modern Family, KUWTK, DD, & Fresh Off The Boat. Fall TV is definitely back.
Okay, I’m going to watch Scream Queens before bed. I also have a meeting tomorrow );

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