Our Champ BJ!

Charmaine sent us this photo of BJ wearing the hat we got for his birthday ^_^ glad he likes it!
RP from Nikki’s fb

Jeremiah & I visited BJ at his physical therapy center the night before BJ’s birthday. I’ve actually been bugging Jeremiah over the past couple of weeks about when we could visit, but it was difficult trying to work around our conflicting work/school schedules & the medical center is in Oakland.
I am ecstatic at how well BJ has gotten over these past couple of weeks.
Rarely am I ever on facebook, but I’ve been more active on it so that I can see Nikki’s posts about how BJ is doing. He was supposed to be discharged on October 14, but he’s doing so well he’s getting discharged this coming Tuesday! He’s doing so well with his therapy & improves so much every single day.
When he was admitted to the hospital in August all of the doctors & nurses were saying that he wouldn’t come back the same & the right side of his body will possibly be paralyzed, but he’s walking now & he’s capable of doing so many things. His progress is such a miracle.
When he gets discharged, Nikki said she would like to continue having visitors because it’s good for him to interact with people to help stimulate his brain.
Today at church Charmaine told us that if we plan on visiting we should bring some healthy recipes to cook with him so Jeremiah & I are going to do some research for that soon. I have some recipes on my pinterest so we’ll probably go from there.
Thank you to everyone who prayed for his recovery & is continuing to pray for him, Nikki, & the family.

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