The Lion King on Broadway

Jer took me on a date to watch The Lion King on Broadway. I asked him why he planned all this & he said, “Just because. I also watched this in New York when I was a kid & I really enjoyed it. I thought you might like it too.” He also told me that they’re rarely here touring so he wanted to take the opportunity to go. Wicked might come back next year so we might see that, but we’ll see. I love going to these things, but they’re just a bit pricey.
I love that he & I have such a wide range of interests so that we can enjoy doing things together. I’d say I have more than him, but I’m glad he’s willing to try or do anything that I’m interested in. Plus, being interested into a limited amount of things is no fun anyway. Experience is great & what’s greater than sharing experience with someone who wants to experience things with you?
Everyone in my age group right now really likes music festivals/shows, Netflix, clubbing, smoking, drinking, etc. which is cool so don’t get me wrong. But I also thoroughly enjoy museums, musicals, traveling, amusement parks, recycled bookstores, thrift shopping, picnic+reading at a park, wandering/exploring, hiking, taking photos, watching sports live, baking, painting, etc. I like doing a lot of things which is why I’m not particularly picky with what I choose to do in my spare time. My adventure list is long only because I have so many different interests. Sticking to a few things gets a little boring. Trying out different activities or places makes life a little more fun.

I had such a great date night ^_^ We actually haven’t had a date night in a very long time, but that’s okay. Goodnight! I must sleep now! I have to wake up early );

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