Garrapata Beach x Bixby Bridge x Julia Pheiffer Burns State Park x Waterfall Trail x Canyon Trail

We left the Bay around 9AM. We were shooting for 8AM, but we spent a great amount of time in Big Sur nonetheless.
We made a first stop at Garrapata State Beach because Sarah said it was really nice there. She stopped there once when she was on a road trip with her sister. The sand there was nice & white. Reminds me on Lanikai Beach in Hawaii or Carmel Beach.

After roaming Garrapata State Beach we headed towards Bixby Bridge.
I think we all thought the bridge was going to be bigger than what we expected. So many people stop by this area. It’s a little dangerous because the mountains have all these curves. You definitely have to slow down or drive slow through Big Sur.

iphone shot

After Bixby Bridge we went to Julia Pheiffer Burns State Park. No one ever mentioned how there are sooo many gnats here! Everything about the adventure out there was really great. The really big downside were the gnats! It was difficult for any of us to take pictures when you have gnats buzzing in your ear & on your eyelashes every 5 seconds. No one ever mentioned bugs being here. It was very irritating.
After parking our first stop was the Waterfall trail/McWay Falls trail. We spent quite a bit of time taking photos there. It was soooo hot, but neither of us wanted to take our jackets off or hoods because of the gnats everywhere.

iphone shot

iphone shot

iphone shot

I’m glad I brought my sister’s GoPro so we could take our group photos!

After the Waterfall trail we went to the Canyon trail.
There were just soooo many gnats everywhere it was such an irritating experience! );
It was a little confusing going on that trail because there was big tree blocking the trail, but we all went over it.

Bella looking like Kenny from South Park

it looks like there’s a person there

After the Canyon Trail we headed towards Julia Pheiffer State Beach, but the parking was full & the parking lot employee there said they’re not letting anyone in until parking spaces free up so we decided to just head home since we had a long drive back anyway.

Here’s some photos that everyone else took that I edited!

Jeremiah’s photos x my edit:

Bella’s photos x my edit:




Marc’s photos x my edit:

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