ridin’ through the dunes with my woes | Labor Day

Spent Labor Day weekend with friends! It’s so difficult trying to get everyone’s schedules together throughout the year. We probably are only able to get together max 4 times a year…with everyone present. Our other friends planned the river rafting trip over the summer so we decided a month ago that we could plan an ATV trip for everyone.
I think it was mostly everyone’s first time riding an ATV. It was my second, but these ATVs were so much more different than the ones I rode in Hawaii. The guy who was teaching all of us how to use them was quickly going through it so we rarely knew what to do. It was all tough for us at first because we didn’t know how to reverse until some guy helped me & Trisha out since we both got stuck in the beginning. I got the hang of it after I learned how to reverse.
I’m so glad I wore my wind runner & jogging pants. My right leg started getting hot towards the end because of the ATV. I’m also trying to avoid any more ugly tans that I received throughout this summer >;l I also didn’t want to get sunburn again after I had experienced that in Hawaii.
I can’t wait for Autumn/Winter to roll in! I’ve been over Summer for quite some time now. This is more than likely the last “summer” thing I’m going to do. I’ll go back to doing things when the colder seasons arrive.
After ATVing, we all ate across the street from the ATV rental place called Rib Line. It was so good. That place was on Man vs. Food too.
Overall, I had so much fun. I only got stuck about 3 times. I got a little crazy with the ATV during some parts. I went into the higher gears & went crazy with it because the bike got faster. lol. If we plan on doing this again, it might be a little more easier for us since we all know what to do now.

Next friends trip, Lake Tahoe! Not sure who’s going to plan that next, but that’s what we’re all aiming for. I’ve never been snowboarding before so I’m excited for our next trip ^_^




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