Congrats Nyl & Riley!

The whole ceremony & reception was beautiful. I took a few photos & these are the only ones that turned out decent. I was using my brother’s camera because my camera wouldn’t have fit into my little purse. lol. It was definitely a challenge trying to use a manual prime 50mm lens & it is also a really big downfall that I am small so I, myself, couldn’t see some things going on. I tried my best with what I had. 

I also, always try to be courteous of the people around me who are also taking photos because I didn’t want to be in the way of some shots. I definitely know the challenge of trying to get the shot you want without someone getting into it at the last second. It’s very difficult!

The reception was great. The open bar was nice with all the different kind of wine they had, shared laughs with the cousins, I cried during the father/daughter dance, the food was great, & the photobooth was so much fun!

Thank you for the invite Nyl & Riley! Congrats!!!! ^_^

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