SoCal Day 4: Los Angeles County Museum of Natural History

Our last spot was the Los Angeles County Museum of Natural History. This place definitely didn’t disappoint! Last year I went to the San Diego Natural History Museum for my birthday & I loved that one, but this one is sooooo much better! I took more photos here than Universal Studios & Disneyland combined.
The dinosaur exhibition here was so dope. I kept on wiggin’ out. I felt like a kid.

Look at the head compared to me!!!!!

definitely had to text this to my sister haha

the long-neck dinosaur couldn’t even fit into my wide angle! LOL. Look at how small I am compared to the dinosaur. I would’ve for sure died on sight if they weren’t extinct & I got stepped on


They also have an outside garden which is super gorgeous & then another museum across the way that I didn’t go to because we didn’t have time ); When I’m back down here, I’m definitely going to go back here & check out the other museums in the area as well because I don’t think I was able to fully immerse myself in everything since we were running out of time & had to leave. We were supposed to leave at noon, but ended up leaving at 4PM so we were already so behind on schedule.

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